-PLM at Bang & Olufsen in a future perspective

Tema: ´Udvikling af virksomhedssystemer´

(Development of company systems)

Projekt 9
At give et indgående kendskab til udvikling af tekniske, økonomiske eller organisatoriske systemer.

The report is written at Bang & Olufsen in relation to a trainee project during the 9th semester at the University of Aalborg in the area of industrial management.

The initiating problem was: ''Develop a strategy for a Product Lifecycle Management system at B&O and specify the requirements for the IT system''

The foundation of the project is a look ten years into the future in order to ensure a long term solution.

The analysis identifies 80 issues in 14 groups, which relates to both issues as-is as well as gaps in relation to the future scenario.

A strategy for the PLM system at Bang & Olufsen is developed with a range of ten years. This plan is complemented by the development of an adoptive change management process, as the cultural changes related to the successful implementation and operation of the PLM system are very comprehensive.
A specification of the requirement for the PLM IT system is developed with focus on the interface to software development.
With the described solution, the majority of the issues are attended to.

It is evaluated that an implementation of a PLM system is expedient, provided that the implementation process is carefully planned. The economical assessment is that the benefits justifies the acquisition and implementation, and it is recommended that Bang & Olufsen proceeds with the acquisition and implementation.